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Partridge Cottage Kayak Guide Service

Meet your guide:  Kathleen Bullard retired in 2021 after 37 years in secondary education as an economics and social studies teacher. Retirement gave her the time to pursue the necessary requirements for a NY state guide. Completing Advance first aid, CPR, American Red Cross Lifeguarding with first aid and CPR, and successfully completing the tests in Hiking, camping, boating and general guiding for NYSOGA. When she and her husband opened the B & B in 2013, Kathleen discovered the best part is helping guests discover all that the Adirondacks has to offer. She is fully licensed and insured.

What is included in the kayak packages?  The price quoted for each of the different paddles includes a kayak, paddle, paddling life jacket. (PFD) and dry bag for the day. Your PFD must be worn while in the Kayak. Sunscreen and bug spray (with and without deet) are also provided. Kathleen will transport all of the equipment to the put-in. You should be able to help load and unload the kayaks from the trailer with Kathleen. If you choose a package that includes portages, the wheels are provided, but you will be towing your own boat along the trail. The wheels provided are seen in the picture above, they are taller, sturdy and have a kickstand for loading. Once loaded properly, it is like walking a big dog.

What does the client need to bring? 
Water!  Even on a short paddle it is always recommended to hydrate. 
Lunch and or snacks. Depending on the time of day of our paddle we may be taking food breaks and stopping to stretch our legs.
Water shoes of some type.  The Adirondack beaches tend to be rocky and trails to the outhouses can have roots and rocks.  
Good walking shoes - If we are doing a carry sturdy shoes are a must.
Hat and sunglasses .The reflection off of the water sneaks up on you.

The packages:
Short paddle 1 - 2.5 hours $80 per person.
Medium paddle 3 - 4.5 hours $120 per person
Full day paddle 4.5 + hours $170 per person
An 8% sales tax is required by NY State.
Payment information is taken at the time of booking but will not be charged until we are loaded up and ready to go. All trips are dependent on the weather for the day.

Short Paddles: 1 - 2.5 hours $80
Moose Pond.  2.77 miles a leisurely paddle approximately 1.5 hours. Surrounded by mountains and state land, this is one of my favorite paddles. Located east of Bloomingdale off of the River road. After the paddle you can visit Hex and Hop, a local brewery, for a relaxing beverage in Bloomingdale.. Your day could continue on to Paul Smiths and the VIC, Visitor Interpretive Center, for a leisurely hike.  

Middle Saranac Lake to Bartlett Carry.  4.04 miles approximately 2.3 hours Putting in at the South Creek boat launch, the route brings you out to the lake and along the shore until you reach the Saranac River. We travel upriver past the carry and on to where the rapids spill into the river. On our return there is a chance of seeing an eagle along with many other birds. After your time on the water you may consider continuing along Rt. 3 to Tupper Lake to visit the Wild Center, Natural History Museum or enjoy a beverage at the Raquette River Brewing company.   
Franklin Falls Pond   5 - 7 miles 2.5 - 3 hours, Franklin Falls Pond is located east of Bloomingdale along the River Rd. Part of the Saranac River, we can paddle from the river to the dam where the river continues on to Union Falls Pond. There are several islands and beautiful little bays to explore. It also offers a majestic view of the north side of both Whiteface and Moose mountains. After a relaxing paddle you can continue on to Wilmington, NY to drive up the Veterans Memorial Highway to the summit of Whiteface and/or enjoy a meal at the variety of restaurants in Lake Placid.

Osgood Pond to Church pond and back. 
4 - 5 miles 1.5 - 2.5 hours. Experience the historic canals between Osgood Pond and Church Pond, dug at the turn of the century (1906) so people could attend church from their summer home on Osgood. (There is more to that story) It is a fun little paddle that we can extend by paddling down to the White Pine Camp at the other end of Osgood Pond. The White Pine Camp was the summer white house for Calvin Coolidge. Located in Paul Smith’s, you can stretch your legs after your paddle with a hike at the VIC. Visitor Interpretive Center, just a few short miles away.

Lake Colby A total of 4.1 miles 1 hour and approximately 50 minutes when you go under the bridge and explore both ponds, Lake Colby offers a quick escape from the rush of vacation. Located on the edge of Saranac Lake, it is easy to get to and will transport you into the wilderness in minutes. Your guide watched an eagle fish and take it up into the White Pines near its nest. Loons, Great Blue Herons and a variety of ducks are also possible companions on your paddle.

 Medium Paddles 3 - 4.5 hours $120 per person:

Taylor Pond 6.4 - 8 miles 3 - 4 hours. Taylor Pond is located near the village of Hawkeye in the Town of Black Brook. The put in is located at a DEC campground that requires a day use fee (paid by your guide). The only man made structures are two lean-to and the campground buildings. As you start your paddle you are facing the North west side of Catamount mountain and on our return trip the incredible cliffs of Silver Lake mountain fill the horizon. There are several sand bars and beaches to pull off and wade or swim and eat lunch. Taylor pond is challenging on a windy day and not recommended for novices, but on a calm day it is incredible.  
Once off of the water it is a short 20 minute drive to Wilmington, NY, with options of driving up the Veterans Memorial Highway to the summit of Whiteface, taking the gondola to the top of Whiteface ski mountain or continue on to Lake Placid for a meal in one of the many lovely restaurants available there.  

Weller Pond off of Middle Saranac Lake. 8.5 - 10 miles 3.5 - 4.5 hours. Weller pond is one of my favorite longer paddles. The pond itself is secluded and magical. The put-in is on South Creek which we follow out to Middle Saranac. Cutting across to Hungry Bay and the inlet to Weller Pond. The pond has Tic and Toc islands, several DEC campsites and one lean-to site. There is also a carry to Saginaw Bay on Upper Saranac Lake. If time permits a quick little side trip into Little Weller Pond, lets you experience bog vegetation such as Pitcher plants. The return trip may include a shoreline paddle around Middle Saranac past several natural beaches. If it is windy the big lake can get very rough, but we would opt to paddle the shoreline if that were the case. Eagles and Loons have greeted me everytime I have visited. After that paddle you have earned a soft ice cream at Donnelley’s at the corner of 86 and 186 or you could drive into Tupper Lake to the Raquette River Brewing Company for a nice relaxing beer and some food truck action.  

Long Paddles 4.5 + hours $170 per person:

Henderson Lake.  1.5 hour drive to the parking lot from Saranac Lake.
A little history: Located in the Town of Newcomb and the historic Tawahas, NY. Henderson Lake shares a trailhead with hikers headed into the southside of Mount Marcy. The Open Space Institute bought the historic 212 acre property and has completed several projects to improve the land. A larger parking lot, historic markers and smooth road to the trailhead were the first projects completed. The OSI acquired the 10,000 acre tract in 2003 and transferred most of it to the DEC. Plans are in the works to renovate the historic MacNaughton Cottage where Teddy Roosevelt was staying when he found out that he was president of the United States after McKinley was assassinated.  
Our adventure: This paddle starts with ½ mile carry into the lake from the Upper Works parking. I provide the carrier for you to use. The carry is relatively smooth going, but you will still want to wear sturdy shoes and change into your water shoes at the put-in. I also provide dry bags for your footwear while we paddle. Once on the water the views of the surrounding high peaks are breathtaking. We make our way to the lean-to and waterfall for a relaxing lunch break. There are many rock formations along the shore to explore on our paddle back to the dam where we take out and carry back to our vehicles. This is one of those paddles that is so totally worth the carry. Henderson Lake is considered a hidden gem of the Adirondacks. After your paddle you can stop in Long Lake at the famous General Store or treat yourself to a custard across the street. Dinner at the Long Lake Hotel, one of the last historic hotels in the Adirondacks, is always fun.